What is the New Chivalry Movement?

The New Chivalry Movement is a new take on old ideals. Courtship. Romance. Passion. Love. Respect. all of the positives of days past, without the chauvinism or condescension. The basics of opening doors and pulling out chairs, not because a person is seen as ‘weaker’ or incapable, but because they are worthy of being valued and treated well.

Bringing people together who are striving to be the best versions of themselves. People who pledge to treat others with dignity, and only accept the same for themselves in return.

Never settle for less than you deserve.


9 thoughts on “What is the New Chivalry Movement?

  1. You’re settling for less than you deserve by trying to get guys to take all the responsibilities of a date (paying the bill, acting courteous, blah blah) without expecting any reciprocity from the women. You think doing this will make women like and respect you. it won’t. They will pay lip service to you, tell you what a nice guy you are, and then you won’t get a second date. This site is a bad concept and it’s going to produce bad results.

    • Dan,

      Can you tell me where I ever said the woman has no responsibilities? Head on over to JamesMSama.com and you will find plenty of articles about what women can do in relationships and dating also.

      Don’t mistake one article for someone’s all-encompassing view on the world.

      Secondly, I’ve got a great relationship with an amazing, strong, intelligent woman – these concepts worked out just fine for me.

      – JMS

    • Actually, this site is an amazing concept and has literally changed my life and made me much more aware of the things that I am doing right and wrong in trying to be a Gentleman for the love of my life.

      Expecting things from someone trains us to do things for a reward. Acting selflessly teaches us to give without thought of the reward and makes anything we are given in thanks all that more meaningful because we’re not expecting anything back for just trying to be decent humans.

  2. Ok. Lets take a look at your latest article. “5 ways to stay out of the friend zone.” You say, “don’t be a doormat”, but you don’t say what to do instead. I’ll say my opinion positively, which is what takes balls, I think men should lead women. So that’s the first inconsistency, is having a “don’t do” without a companion “do this instead”.

    I also have a fundamental moral problem with your site because we already have 10 million outlets telling us to pander to women. Look at any romantic comedy where an awkward, Michael Cera type miraculously gets the girl at the end. It would never happen in real life, but that’s the message that is disseminated to boys and, eventually to men, and it’s bullshit, and that’s why men are angry. You’re feeding into this same nonsense system.

    You say “be confident but not arrogant” what does that mean? Why do I have to be that for a woman? What does she have to do for me in return? Is it sexual access? Is it giving me a sweet attitude? Is it cooking me a delicious meal? I expect all of these things from a woman I’m with, but the article fails to mention anything about a women’s responsibilities to a man. You point me instead to a different website, as if men and women should have fundamentally different obligations to each other.

    You fail to realize that the principle behind our interactions is the same: we have to meet each others’ needs. As a man, I need sex, and I need a loving companion, so I’m going to expect those things from a woman. As a woman, she’s going to need a strong leader who will care for her.
    Women aren’t afraid of admitting what they need, so why are you? It’s because your site is castrated on a very deep level. You’re another panderer, putting out vague material about “being confident” without any specifics of what that might entail.

    Again from the same article:
    “Dress up, clean up, man up, and show women that you’re worthy of their attention.” First off, dressing up doesn’t matter. We all know that women will date slobby men. Not that it doesn’t help to look nice, but that doesn’t meet a woman’s need on a deep level. It will just help you get your foot in the door. As for man up? What does that mean? It’s vague, and thus unactionable.

    ” A proper date, be creative, put in effort. Show her that you care enough to take the time to plan something.” Again, you’re touching on a principle, but you don’t state it completely. You should lead the evening. It’s not the plan that’s important, it’s the fact that you’re leading her though an enjoyable evening. Plus (again), what should she be doing at the same time? Where’s the reciprocity?

    “Pick two things up: Her from her place, and the bill for dinner.” again, what’s she doing for me? I know what I want from a girl if I take her out, but you don’t mention that. You need to be clear about these things or you’ll just engender another generation of weak men who kowtow to women as their default gesture. It’s sickening.

    Any more questions? It’s not unreasonable to assume the woman has no responsibilities if 1. Society says she doesn’t. 2. You place multitudinous responsibilities on the men’s shoulders (pay for the bill, dress nicely, be a gentleman) and don’t mention a single thing she doesn’t do. So there’s your answer.

    • You’ve got to excuse my brevity as I’m just going to bed and a proper response would be lengthy and I’m on my phone, but I will say this:

      “2. You place multitudinous responsibilities on the men’s shoulders (pay for the bill, dress nicely, be a gentleman) and don’t mention a single thing she doesn’t do. So there’s your answer.”

      As I mentioned in my previous comment there are MULTIPLE articles on JamesMSama.com that address the actions of women. That site is split between male/female targeted articles. This site is for the male side.

      This article was about how MEN act, so in this article you will find commentary on how MEN act…simple.

      If you want the commentary on women, then go read one of the articles that has to do with that topic. Not every article encompasses every piece of someone’s viewpoint on every topic. They are segmented.


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  4. James, You know that Chivalry has been declared to be sexism? Do you need a link or you can Google it. I have always been a nice guy but women don’t want that any more. What am I supposed to do?

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