5 Easy Ways To Be More Gentlemanly

Fair is fair, gentlemen. We’ve discussed the 5 Things Making Women Less LadyLike, but we can’t forget the devolution of the gentleman into…whatever guys today call themselves.

Fellow men of the world — learn from our predecessors who carried themselves with dignity and class. They were providers, protectors, and a support system for their women and those around them. Even though society has evolved and men no longer have to be the sole breadwinners in a relationship, we should not sacrifice the pride of personal accomplishments and development.

Here are five ways that men can be more like gentlemen.


Value courtship.

This is primarily a dating and relationship blog, so this topic should be expected. The modern man’s idea of a “date” these days is shooting a text to a girl that he met last weekend at 8:00 on a Friday night to meet up with him for drinks. Stop that.

What happened to actually courting a woman? To romantic gestures that a woman with class appreciates? Expressing your interest in unique ways that will set you apart from the (large) crowd slobbering over themselves every time a woman walks by on the street.

Put the video games down, man up, suit up, and wine and dine a beautiful woman.

Provide more value to the world.

I am proud to know some men who are working to change the world. They are innovators, motivated to make a difference. But they are few and far between. Today’s men, primarily 20-somethings, are generally apathetic and seem to focus their attention on the quickest way through their 40 hour work week at the job they hate just so they can get back to the club on the weekend.

All of us as humans have the ability to bring something unique to society and to the world. I find that very few people are interested in watching, reading, or discussing things that help us improve as individuals or a race. If you are like this, let’s be friends.



Show more respect to others.

Easy. Simple. Basic. But, often overlooked. A true gentleman will show respect to everyone around him. He will not be condescending or put anyone down, regardless of intelligence level or professional position. As the saying goes, ‘a man of quality is not afraid of equality.’

I don’t mean to sound old, but “too many kids these days” have no respect for those around them. It has nothing to do with age or gender, just humanity. Stop pushing through crowds, disrupting people by swearing or talking loudly in public…you get the idea.

Be more well-rounded.

Connect with the wilderness as well as the city, or vice-versa, to stay grounded and in touch with yourself.

Read more books. Challenge yourself intellectually, and surround yourself with those who challenge you. Engage in discussions about topics that matter. Don’t be afraid to be wrong – that’s how you learn.

Modern society seems to be so caught up in passing time with Call Of Duty or “poppin’ bottles” at the club, they’ve lost sight of what actually happens when the “real world” gives you a wake up call and you’ve got to design a lifestyle for you and your family.


Each of us has the inherent ability to improve our own lives as well as those of others. By becoming the best version of ourselves, we encourage those around us to do so, also. Society is losing sight of dignity, integrity, and respect. It is being replaced by meaningless distractions and reinforcement of mediocrity.

“Never settle for average, it’s just as close to the bottom as it is to the top.”

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10 thoughts on “5 Easy Ways To Be More Gentlemanly

  1. Reblogged this on James Michael Sama and commented:

    Even though society has evolved and men no longer have to be the sole breadwinners in a relationship, we should not sacrifice the pride of personal accomplishments and development.

    Here are five ways that men can be more like gentlemen.

  2. First of all, I’d like to say that all of your posts give me hope and make me think about ways I can work to improve myself and my standards. With that said, I would like to send out a big ‘thank you’ in regards to the pants Justin Beiber is wearing above. I don’t know who decided they were a good trend to start but we need to slam the breaks on it quickly. Also, I want to thank you for reminding guys that courtship shouldn’t be a lost art. I’ve not dated a lot but I have yet to find a man who knows how to court a woman. You are also spot on about being well-rounded and respectful to everyone, though it is sad that it needs to be said at all. I definitely support what you are trying to do here. In fact, yours is the only blog I follow regularly. Keep up the great work, good luck, and thank you from a modern woman who, at one time, thought gentlemen were an extinct race!

  3. Really great post, I couldn’t agree more.

    As I’m reading through each of the steps (outside of the “stop doing WHATEVER THIS IS” which is hilarious and should indeed be banned immediately) I keep coming back to your point “Don’t’ be afraid to be wrong – that’s how you learn”, it’s really great advice, particularly in the insta-fame, insta-success, insta-everything idealism that seems to permeate what being a guy is all about these days.

    Thanks for the great work and perspective!

  4. Here’s how to be a wise man;
    Do not EVER produce more than you need. This vile perversion of a nation and the weak ’empowered’ womyn depend on men overproducing to keep this shit going – starve the beast and watch the ‘entitlements’, privileges and token jobs for womyn disappear. They might stop sucking gov’t sugar cock, if he has no more goodies stolen from men to provide them with.
    Use the whorish females as you wish. At this point they are not marriagable, hell, they cn’t even spell Lady. So pump and dump. If she / it starts any shit, punch it in it’s ugly, lying face and move on. Maybe kick it in the ovaries when it’s down, just for good measure.
    Don’t listen to this blue balled virgin faggot, he doesn’t know shit.

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